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Written by RSharma   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 05:18

Are We God?

Humans have survived last 400,000 years on Earth. We have reached from caves to apartments, from no language/communication to “Mind-Reading” technologies et cetera. What if we (human race) survive a billion (1,000,000,000) more years on this or any other planet? What would be the technologies at that time, we might be able to create a big bang on our own? We might be able to create a human or any other animal with a mere thought, we can be the amazing designers of life? In that case aren’t we GOD in comparison to a human living in a cave on planet many light years from our planet?

Take an example, we go to a planet X191T via latest transmission technology & we give appear all of a sudden in front of a group of homo sapiens in a dark cave, we give caramel custard to eat, what will they think & how will they react, if one homo sapien tries to harm us (our transmitted “body/image”) with his club we might actually kill him with a mere point of our finger (advance laser in glove or any other thing) & then disappear.Hmmm probably after few years when you come back to see you will find some strange cave paintings defining us as a GOD.

So, are we god? Answer is yes to some we are god to some we are their creation. The THING we call GOD might actually be the difference of technology and time. As Universe is quite big at least (156 billion light years (156,000,000,000 X 94000000000000 kilometers) wide which contains billions of galaxies & each galaxy containing billion of stars & each star having possibility of life & civilization. Obviously, we are behind billions of civilizations by many years of technologies and also we are ahead of billions of civilizations by many years of technologies.


  1. I have used word CIVILIZATION instead of INTELLIGENT SPECIES because I believe every species can be intelligent it just takes more time than others. Example, it took us 390,000 years from becoming humans from Homo sapiens. If we give a billion more years to specie of donkey (condition is no other more intelligent species is in existent & nature conditions are perfect for living) they will be more technically strong than what we are at present.
  2. I believe there is no such thing called NON-LIVING THING as for me everything is LIVING, even a grain of sand. So I have used word THING only.
  3. If this topic hurts someone’s sentiments, I am sorry.