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Written by RSharma   
Sunday, 13 May 2012 04:43

Real Longevity?

A small life form evolving in middle of a highway road.

Every lowest form of matter has a life in it, not to categorize it with the definition of "living things" we have developed. They all have emotions and power to react towards emotions, maybe they are a smarter form of living being as not to involve in social drama, not to crave towards food or simply we can say above all these tantrums of life. A small speck of sand is as lively as a young human being.

The food we eat are actual living things - we kill them in order to feed ourselves (old rule of thumb since the beginning). The reason we get a lot of diseases now days is because of this - we don't follow the process of killing the food and eating it correctly. Take the current technology example : can we take someone's data/information without their permission?  Similarly we have to get food also with permission - permission of the food itself.

We need to ask the food, are you ready to be part of our body and I respect you from the bottom of my heart (never waste precious food).

Question : Why do I need  to ask food all these stupid questions when I am already paying for my food & isn't it already dead?

Answer: Money is the social practice we as a human follows - ever seen any other species doing it? All they care about is love. Changing the meaning of life in the name of money. Earlier in Hinduism, people used have cows in their home, and treat them like a mother/goddess; and once during the day or two with all respect, prayers & love they milk their cows. That was the "Authentic" milk. Nowadays, cows are mere objects of producing money(You all know it - don't want to dig in deep on this). Best practice would be to farm vegetables on your own farm, and when the fruit fall from the plant/tree we can eat it, another way is cutting them from the branch, all you have to ask is for permission - can I consume you? If you feel the answer of the fruit is yes go ahead & remove it from the branch of the plant/tree. And if you feel the answer is No, just wait little longer or ask another fruit.  Trust me,  fruits already know that they owe you something as you did the farming etc. to grow them.  Also look for old & ripen food - chose them over the young ones (let them add some more time in their lifespan). Before eating the fruit vegetable - glare at it with joy & respect - and say "Thank you".  Why do we care so much about our parents? Because they bought us to life in the beautiful universe, they took care of us when we were young & innocent. Same river of emotion flows in all the matter of the universe whether its plant or animal or stone or water. We all are entangled with the emotions across the universe.

Animals are a complex life form, they are more reactive towards emotions. Let's take an example of getting Milk - get your own cow/buffalo at home, treat her like a family member - then with the "permission" get some milk. That milk which was given by a cow with happiness would do miracles - many times better than what you will get from the factory.

What should be the end point - Endpoint is to stop eating food at all - or the least consumption.

Slowly and steadily restrict yourself with limited food, as food is an important part of the universe. We consume vegetables/fruits, soil/water/atmosphere consumes us, whole planet consumes these elements of nature, Stars consumes planet & analogy goes on. When we consume the food - we consume all its bad things and all its good things, long story short - we consume extra characteristics of someone too when we consume food. This changes your characteristic slowly(No more the same person which universe made you initially). So, after few years of limiting our food intake- we come to a point where we can live a day or 2 with consuming just 1 apple & still feel  energetic/enthusiastic.

Another source of food - that has even less emotions & characteristic  is Sunlight.  Sit in sunlight & consume the beautiful energy of it, you can do meditation etc. if you feel awkward doing it. You will live way longer & way happier.

oh beautiful sun

This way of living will make you disease-free, guilt-free and full of cosmic energy . It will change your perspective toward THINGS, will make you a better person. It's an easy task to do and there is only one requirement to do it i.e. Headstrong. If you are mentally strong you will achieve what I described here.

There are always two possibilities

1) Live your way by changing the surroundings

2) Live your way by adopting the surroundings.

In our case surroundings is "known" Universe mere 13.75 billion years old, try changing it or flow with this ultra old beauty - feel the power of it - respect it.