NEED to solve the mysteries of the UNIVERSE in this LIFESPAN. Cannot sleep at night.

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Computer Knowledge:

Programming Languages and related: Java jdk 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6, Java Script, Servlets, JSP 1.2/2.0, JSF, EJB, Web Services, JSON, HTML and DHTML.

Java Technologies & Frameworks: Jakarta Struts, Hibernate (OR Mapping Framework), Annotations, JSF, Swing (GUI), Spring (integration with Struts, JDBC Template, Hibernate, MVC), Web Sphere MQ. 

Application/Web Servers: IBM Websphere 3.0/4.0/5.1 Oracle Weblogic 5.0/6.1/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.3/11g, Apache Geronimo 2.0/2.1/2.2, Apache Tomcat 4.1/4.5, IBM HTTP Server, JBoss 3.0/4.0/5.0 and IIS.

Web technologies: HTML 3.x/4.x, CSS, Java Script, JQuery, DHTML, XML 1.0, XSL, XSLT, XPath, SAX, DOM.

Database:  Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Apache Derby 10.5/10.6, MySQL, UDB (DB2), MS Access.

Design Patterns & CASE tools: Model View Controller (MVC), Service Locator, Session Fa├žade, Business Delegate, Intercepting Filter, Singleton, Data Access Object (DAO), Transfer Object Pattern.

Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, MyEclipse, NetBeans, IBM RAD 7.0/7.5, RSA 7.0/7.5, Websphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD 4.5/5.0).

Configuration Management Tools: CVS, IBM Rational Clear case, CVS, Subversion.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle

Operating Systems: Windows (XP, 2000, NT, 98), Sun Solaris, Linux.

Other Tools: ServiceGen, ClientGen, SchemaGen, XJC, Hudson/Jenkins CI, MS office, MS Visio.